Tuesday, 19 June 2007


dis·ci·ple (dĭ-sī'pl)
One who embraces and assists in spreading the teachings of another. An active adherent, as of a movement or philosophy.

OK, so does the Delphi Community need another blogger? Probably not, but the reason why Borland Inprise Borland CodeGear has survived is because of the strength of that community, like none other. I have used that community, I have given back to that community. If we all do the same, then it remains the most valuable resource we all have.

Why The Delphi Disciple? Well amongst our very (very) learned friends are:

The Oracle at Delphi (Allen Bauer)
The Delphi Apostle (Matlus)
The Delphi Evangelist (David I, happy 22nd anniversary BTW) *

So I thought I'd continue the theme, and I am very much a disciple. I work with Delphi every day. I have done since Delphi 1. This isn't necessarily going to teach you things because my peers do a far better job than I ever could. But this will be about how an ordinary guy uses it, struggles with it, loves it and gets the most out of it every day. Perhaps this will be enlightening to those who carry it forward. Perhaps it will be frustrating to you because I'm, by my own admission, a very conservative developer. Maybe some of you will smile as you share my experiences or others may have pearls of wisdom that you've been keeping to yourselves all this time.

My career is now forged around this tool, for better or worse. I've defended it against those who didn't like it because it wasn't Microsoft. I've written articles for the (now sadly defunct) Delphi Informant and Delphi Magazine. I'm by no means a player but I'm part of the Delphi community like it is a part of me and my job.

I'll get going again very soon, I've all sorts in my head to say but in no particular order so let me sort that out so you can read something clear that might make you come back again one day. Unlike my code, very probably.

*(not to mention the Delphi Junkie, Addict and Geek).

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